I participated in this collaboration project with other students from the Layer Lemonade community.
It had the goal of showing different postcard landmarks from the various states of Brazil.
Having the chance to meet other animators from my country was a wonderful experience for me.
  My scene
Born and raise on Minas Gerais, I had the pleasure of exploring and animating landscapes and important landmarks of the state.
My state is well-know for its wide variety of natural waterfalls, historical baroque churches and touristic old cities.
Aside from images of such places, I also developed the animation inside the triangle of the state flag on my animation.
For such a project, the collage style was a natural choice, as it shows the images clearly, but also allows me to experiment with key frames. 
Loren Bergantini (Art Direction)
Râna Carvalho (Idealization | Animation - Bahia)
Victor Feitosa (Editing | Animation - Amazonas)
Alessandra Mello (Animation - Rio Grande do Sul)
Roberto Andrews (Animation - Rio de Janeiro)
Arcano Ferreira (Animation - Santa Catarina)
Felipe Soares (Animation - Paraná)
Gabriel Nascimento (Animation - Pará)
Fernanda Rayanne (Animation - Piauí)
Renan Reis (Animation - São Paulo)
Moises Izaías (Animation - Minas Gerias)
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