Educating the public about stock markets is one of the focuses of EduFinance, which I created this piece for.
Using this video, we share the company's mission in the Brazilian economic overall. It aims to improve the country's general economy by sharing knowledge about the stock market.


I developed the video's whole process. Starting with the script, which was based on the company's history and mission. Then, I developed frames that represent the message in each scene. And finally my favorite part, animation! 
In this video, I explored a few of my favorite techniques, such as textures, icons, and character animations.


I had a lot of creative freedom in the art direction process.
While preserving the company's visual identity, I added my own style to it.
My absolute favorite part and scene are the puzzle pieces! When I was thinking about a "thing" that didn't "click" immediately, the first thing that came into my mind was this scene, and I am really glad how it turned out!
Direction: Moises Izaías
Script: Moises Izaías
Animation: Moises Izaías
Illustration: Adapted from stock footage
Client: EduFinance

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