This project is for Universo AGV, a car insurance company.
This video is specifically for a television commercial. It was a particularly challenging animation to develop especially because of the short time frame that I had.

Despite being a simple-looking video, I tried to compensate for that with fluid animation, focusing a lot on the smoothness of the illustration's movements.
It was a quick last-minute project but I am quite pleased with the end result.

In the art direction part, I tried to stay as close as possible to the visual identity of the brand, to make it instantly recognizable.
Bright yellow and green are two key colors for Universo AGV, so I explore them a lot in the background.
To make the video simple and comprehensible, I stuck with iconography and basic shapes.
Direction: Moises Izaías
Script and Voice Over: Alyne Andrade
Animation: Moises Izaías
Illustration: Adapted from stock footage
Client: Universo AGV
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